Final night of Training

I’m here @ work, finishing my final day of training, already made about 400$, super easy work, just kinda wish I had more hours… hopefully Brett will add me on the schedule after I finish the LiveScan, TB test, and drug test… Also, I got to turn in a copy of my birth certificate & social security card. I’m so frustrated that I cant find my social… Normally its in my extra wallet but it wasn’t there… which is concerning cuz if its isn’t there, IDK where to even START looking for it… plus I have 2 copies of it so I thought I could @ least find one, but NOPE!
Anyway, I turned in the wrong resume to Mary’s Pizza Shack today. Like a total idiot I turned in the resume for Muir Wood, saying how I have experience w ppl struggling w substance abuse cue of my exfiance diving head first into drugs after his father was diagnosed w terminal cancer!! OOPS! I guess I could let Spencer know what I did & see what he tells me to do about it… I wish he’d just help me get a part time job there euz he works there & has since High school, I think Jon said? IDK, doesn’t matter. I need to get shit done today cuz tomorrow NIGHT I wanna head down south to get my hairs did!! But I wanna be back Sunday night cuz Donnelley will be expecting me to call him Monday about the car & I just don’t wanna get stuck down there again like last time!
Today I have to go to Sonoma Chevrolet for a new tire @ 8:45, & then, @ like 1pm I have my implant replacement @ planned parenthood… I need to check the info on that. yeah, so in Santa Rosa @ 1pm. & if you have Medical they’ll take you…. SO maybe I can stop to get a copy of my birth certificate & do the LiveScan out there? If I have enough energy. I only have an hour & a half til I’m off & then I have dinner tonight w Aunt June & Jon & family… if I can even get myself up to go that is. But I told Aunt June I might not have the energy. Anyway, we’ll just have to see how things play out. *sigh* I’m already wiped out. Well, I’ll keep updating!! Marzia just uploaded!! Might as well pass the time by doing my makeup since I’m gonna have to stay up anyway. Yey….
Talk again soon!


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